Halloween Urban Legend part 4 by Museum Angkut

12-Oct-2017 [15:00]

Museum Angkut present

Halloween Urban Legend part 4
Myth Creature

27-29 Oktober 2017
Di Museum Angkut

Hocus pocus, we need the wine to focus!

The Halloween Part 4 at Museum Angkut is coming to town! Prepare yourself and join the largest Halloween party this year! Music, parade, dance, and all the excitements are ready to welcoming you! Just come and have fun!

You also can be the most creepy-beautiful Myth Creature by joining the Costume & Makeup Competition and Design Competition. Join, get the facilities and bring home your prizes!

Narahubung :
+62 85 648 654 283
Jl. Sultan Agung 2, Batu.


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